New Custom LEGO® Minifig Release Today!

Here is one of our first custom printed figures in a VERY long time!

I am so excited to share this release with you.

It is the NEW Space Marine Officer that is UV Printed.

Each Officer will be equipped with a random Halo BrickArms weapon (Mostly DMRs and Assault Rifles).

I made a limited quantity of these, as to keep them special.

This figure is only $19.95 which is a great price point for all the detail he has.

Overall, I’m excited on how this figure came out and I hope you are all too.

So check them out on the website at Space Marine Officer

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  • Bryce

    That is really cool… Oh can you make more prop hunters or me as a Half Life 2 geek, an elite Combine soldier, OH you can also make a reaguler combine soldier from Half Life 2. I’m just making suggested ideas, and have a good day bye. :)

  • Maniac Turkey

    Awesome figure, well done design, print and detail on the torso, my only concern is why do you not print the top of the feet

  • SAM

    Well done this is a really awesome new custom! Good job

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