Exclusive - Custom LEGO Perk Machines


Custom LEGO Perk Machines:

Check out our new Perk Machines:

Juggernog - This machine increases your health dramatically, this is key in any zombie situation.

Quick Revive - Quick revive is one of the first things you buy in a zombie situation. It gives you a second life to come back and keep on fighting!

Speed Cola -  One of the more expensive ones in game, Speed Cola allows you to reload your weapon twice as fast! This is critical later on in game!

Double Tap Root Beer - Increase your firepower by getting Double Tap!

Pack a Punch - My personal favorite, increase your weapons firepower, damage and style points!

Which ones your favorite? Let us know on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media!

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  • bill

    hi i like ur mocs

  • Colt Seigel

    hello i just purchased 3 random item bags to woodland hills and i was wondering if i could get a spin of the wheel

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