What is a PlateLocker?

So, if you  LEGO® builders are like me, and have built MOC’s (my own creation) before, you know the problems you run into… You have multiple base plates that you want to join together, but you don’t want to put that red brick across your blue river to hold the base plates together. PlateLockers solve that problem for you by joining those base plates together from the underside. Now you can have your meandering blue river, free of red bricks.

Second, how frustrating is it when you’reworking on your  LEGO®  creation and you accidentally bump the table and your base plate goes slipping across the table and your LEGO® creation topples apart? By using PlateLockers, your base plates will no longer go sliding across the table. The special tread on the PlateLockers helps reduce the slippage on the work surface.

PlateLockers are:

  • Easy to use!
  • Better than tape – no icky sticky residue left on your base plates
  • Virtually invisible under the base plates
  • Incredibly thin - .03 in. (you don’t even know they are under the base plates)
  • Work with any color base plates; green, blue or gray
  • Come in a pack of 5 (ideal to join 4 base plate together)
  • Can use them on a single base plate to reduce slipping on work surface
  • Flexible and durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending

PlateLockers are a must for anyone working with LEGO®!

"Our club tried PlateLockers on one of our layouts.  They worked so well we ordered a ton for future layouts."

-Russell, President, BayLUG