Woodland Camo Weapon Pack

Woodland Camo Weapon Pack



Here is a Brand New X39BrickCustoms  Woodland Camo Weapon pack! These weapons have a woodland camo pattern printed on both sides of the weapons! Now your soldiers can be totally tricked out and ready to fight! Here are some more features of the X39BrickCustoms Woodland Camo Weapon Pack! 

  • Total of nine (9) weapons with UV printed Camo Scheme! 
  • Custom Clamshell Packaging! 
  • Exclusive Collector Card with each pack! 
  • Made from ABS Plastic (Same plastic LEGO is made from)


All of these weapons are custom injection molded to very high standards in house all proudly manufactured in the U.S.A! Made of High Quality ABS plastic which is the same type of plastic that most LEGO© bricks are made of! Even all the machines and materials we use are all from the U.S.A!

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